Following months of planning, arrays of costume designs, and materials meticulously handpicked by Christy, the founder herself, BAAGUS proudly presents its new series – Dance with Curtain. We cordially invite you to join us on an atmospheric journey, where we discover the wonderful match of curtain and fashion through the eyes of Christy Wong – the founder and Art Director of BAAGUS.

Twelve unique sets of surprises will be unveiled every Tuesday, where Christy reveals her tremendous self-designed curtains with unique pairings and the distinctive home aesthetic value each of them brings.

The eleventh chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series – [Dances of the Mermaids] reveals Christy’s view of life in artistic expression. While life may not always be a smooth sail, the high tides and stormy weather are what prepare us to be resilient and strong in the face of the rough journey. Now, let’s sit back and immerse in Christy’s story through her creation.


People often say that perspective is the key to success, yet trying to define perspectives in real life can be vague and subjective – What exactly do we mean by perspectives and how do we shape perspectives of our own? Today we will learn about Christy’s take on perspectives through the lens of her works.

“I believe people with an open mind can see the big picture better and are capable of accomplishing notable achievement. I, on the other hand, don’t blindly chase the big picture. I am clear of my character and goals, and I do the right thing at the right time.” autocad 2020 crack ita

Christy’s way of expanding perspectives is simple – It’s all about continuous learning. To her, perspectives are nothing complicated; they are simply the sum of the books one read and digest, the paths one took and learned from them, and the experience one had through the people one met and have continuously remembered. She firmly believes that perspectives are closely linked to knowledge, vision, and character. easeus todo pctrans

We are constantly shaping different perspectives through the course of our life.

Throughout this process, Christy remains as still as water, resilient and clear.

The eleventh chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series – [Dances of the Mermaids] was composed by Joseph Lanner, one of the originators of Waltz. Finely composed of beautiful melody and smooth flowing tune, each note dances firm and gently on the bar line.

A key attribute of [Dances of the Mermaids] is that it resembles water – calming and still. This set of designs incorporates fashionable sheer curtains without excessive overlaps, simply allowing its beauty to unfold in the details.

Every sews and finish is a carefully crafted piece of art.

The shadows are elevated and flourished by the sheer curtains revealing exciting layers of imagination and inspiration, looming in the gentleness of lace and furnishing the space with a classic sense of fashion. tally erp 9 5.5 crack

A key highlight of this design lies in the sheer curtains’ wavy pattern. Unlike others, the wavy pattern has a distinctive character that expresses fluid lucid movement and gentle flow, adding another element of richness in the visual space.

The maxi dress donned on the model is a compliment piece of Christy’s creation. The daring colour inspires the many possibilities of space. Despite not having a drop of water in the scene, this dress brings the artistic conception of clear lake water to its viewers. The wavy line on the dress is a perfect finishing touch that seamlessly blends in with the theme of this curtain, it further uplifts this set of design with its unique liveliness.

The design of waves has always been endowed with the virtue of magnanimity, perfectly aligning with Christy’s view of life.

As she expands her perspectives throughout the journey of life, Christy holds firmly to the spirit of openness – Welcoming new encounters and ideas with a big heart and open mind. While life may not always be a smooth sail, the high tides and stormy weather are what prepare us to be resilient and strong in the face of a rough journey.

When a piece of work carries a story and spirit, it no longer stays as just a plain curtain but a work of art that conveys an experience and educates.

Real and unintentional, these are the most authentic expressions that the creator unveils for us all.

Let’s stay tuned for the coming week as we unveil a pleasant surprise brought by the final chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series. We’ll see you then.