Following months of planning, arrays of costume designs, and materials meticulously handpicked by Christy, the founder herself, BAAGUS proudly presents its new series – Dance with Curtain. We cordially invite you to join us on an atmospheric journey, where we discover the wonderful match of curtain and fashion through the eyes of Christy Wong – the founder and Art Director of BAAGUS.

Twelve unique sets of surprises will be unveiled every Tuesday, where Christy reveals her tremendous self-designed curtains with unique pairings and the distinctive home aesthetic value each of them brings.

The color collision and delicate texture maketh the classic elegance of this curtain design that we are about to reveal. The twelfth chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series – [Faust Waltz] explores Christy’s passion and drive in the pursuit of art. Let’s get started.


Christy’s career revolves around her passion.

“I think being passionate in what we do is very important. The energy is contagious and our customers can feel it.” One of Christy’s favorite things to do is to sketch her designs as she serves her customers, giving them a first-hand experience in witnessing the wonders of curtains design through the designer’s enthusiasm.

The BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series is a bold move by Christy in the year of uncertainty. If asked what leads to her taking such a leap, the answer would definitely be her passion and ambition in the realm of art.

As such, we believe this twelfth chapter – [Faust Waltz] will be the perfect closure for BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series.

Of lavish tunes and meandering melody, [Faust Waltz] is full of splendid charisma. Just like the design concept of this set of curtains, the dandelion yellow and black combination creates contrast in the space, hanging stunningly humble in the backdrop.

Passion and confidence are the true spirits that Christy hopes to showcase in this design. The clever use of colors brings pleasant surprise to the viewers and uplifts the aura of the space entirely. It is no doubt a smart move to utilize the collision of colors to create the impression of a strong, charismatic design.

Yellow has the special ability to ease pressure and bring a sense of relaxation to its viewers. It is gentle and calming, as if the color carries a light clean scent, emitting coziness and warm touches to its people. The black color on the other hand brings a dark, mysterious vibe. When both colors collide, it stimulates an instant visual contrast that is captivating and soothing.

The different characters of both warm and cold tunes stand harmoniously under the contrast, bringing the element of uniqueness to any plain space.

The thoughtful selection of fabric texture in this design is also worth mentioning. The granular texture of the yellow curtain brings a soft and comfortable touch, while the black curtain carries a suede velvet body that is mysteriously attractive.

The color collision and delicate texture maketh the classic elegance of this curtain design.

This set of attire designed by Christy hides a little playful element in its sexy agenda. The classic lattice pattern complements nicely with the cool black, exuding seductive hints and full elegance. Wearing this piece in the world of [Faust Waltz] is a perfect representation of the party of the aristocracies.

“Working without passion will hold you stagnant and you will eventually lose the ability to understand and serve your customers.”

To Christy, her passion towards what she does keeps her going as she continues to find joy, meaning, and fulfilment through work.

[Faust] is a legendary play by Goethe and Charles Gounod created [Faust Waltz] as inspired by the classic piece – Both the reflection of lifelong discovery and artistic exploration by two great men. It’s a great pleasure to name this final set of design in the BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series after [Faust Waltz]. With this, we close this chapter with full blessings.

As we come to an end of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series, we feel incredibly honored to be able to share with you the many sides of curtains and to celebrate the beautiful marriage between fashion and curtains through twelve stunning curtain designs.

On 10th February, the grand finale of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series will dive into the world of a female entrepreneur and artist and explore the stories of her journey. We’ll see you then.