Following months of planning, arrays of costume designs, and materials meticulously hand-picked by Christy, the founder herself, BAAGUS proudly presents its new series – Dance with Curtain. We cordially invite you to join us on an atmospheric journey, where we discover the wonderful match of curtain and fashion through the eyes of Christy Wong – the founder and Art Director of BAAGUS.

Twelve unique sets of surprises will be unveiled every Tuesday, where Christy reveals her tremendous self-designed curtains with unique pairings and the distinctive home aesthetic value each of them brings.

For the second chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series, we welcome [The Blue Danube] – A graceful retreat for the heart and soul. We promise a soothing journey as we immerse ourselves in the shades of blue among the curtains.

Blue. A colour of serenity that calms the restless heart.

“Back in the day when I travelled on a school bus, I used to gaze at the bright blue sky, wondering how my future will be like and how different will I be from today?”

Christy – The founder and Art Director of BAAGUS probably did not realize back then how far she has come, from a naïve young girl to the mature, wise, and confident entrepreneur that she is today.

“Women must have self-confidence regardless of what they do. I believe having an exceptional career is an important part of gaining that self-confidence.”

As Christy rightly said, this era of femininity has welcomed more women into the workforce and promotes women empowerment, where women strive for what matters to them in the ways they see fit.

It is undeniable that we humans are bound to experience emotions. The anxieties and worries that come along with work will not be forgotten automatically after work. Some days, these work stresses follow us home and confronting our stress will get strenuous. Hence, it is almost a necessity today that every home is furnished with healing elements that can filter one’s anxieties, let loose of emotions and calm the mind down. it is a safe space for the heart and mind.

There are various instances of how these can be experienced. Imagine yourself leaning on a sofa under the azure curtain after a long day at work with the warm morning sun shining through the blue gauze curtain onto the bed, or having a sip at the balcony on a quiet afternoon watching how the serene blue sky and curtain complement each other.

We hereby introduce you to a sensational second chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series – “The Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss – where light and joyous shades of blue come together to soothe people’s souls in this busy world.

Instead of the mundane blue-and-white match or the simplicity of contrasting colours, this curtain was designed with the same tone and shade. Christy wisely uses a darker fabric to accentuate the light blue sheer curtain. This pure blue combination radiates a naturally soft, elegant, and laid-back atmosphere. All the puzzles seem to fall in place perfectly as this curtain is raised.

In BAAGUS, details matter. You will find tiny triangular finishes on the curtain’s fabric that adds a much-needed element of fun, whereas the gauze curtain on the other hand was merged by grids. Together, they create gentle spectacles as sunlight passes through.

Do you favour such a serene atmosphere brought by the wonders of the blue spectrum as well? Regardless of who you are and what roles you play, you deserve a piece of calming blue that soothes you with the tranquility you deserve on every bustling night.

With that, keep an eye out for the next extravagant reveal with BAAGUS next Tuesday. We would be delighted to see you then.