Following months of planning, arrays of costume designs, and materials meticulously hand-picked by Christy, the founder herself, BAAGUS proudly presents its new series – Dance with Curtain. We cordially invite you to join us on an atmospheric journey, where we discover the wonderful match of curtain and fashion through the eyes of Christy Wong – the founder and Art Director of BAAGUS.

Twelve unique sets of surprises will be unveiled every Tuesday, where Christy reveals her tremendous self-designed curtains with unique pairings and the distinctive home aesthetic value each of them brings.

The pursuit of passion and beauty has led us to the unique third chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series – the Waltz of the Flowers. Designed just like the evocative waltz piece, this set of curtains is delicate and beautiful; as if all wonderful things began abloom with it, freely and lightly.

“I pursue beauty in all facets of life.”

From daily makeup and the tailoring of clothes to the colour and placement of furniture, living and meal arrangement, to even one’s ways of interaction and communication; these delicate nit and grits are subtly influencing one’s aesthetic sense.

To Christy, the pursuit of beauty is a beautiful pursuit itself – It goes beyond the simplicity of physical appearance. It is an appreciation of an individual way of living and their virtue of character, which also reflects their comprehension and outlook on life.

“Regardless of your age, the chase and appreciation of beauty cannot and should not be waived.”

Christy is the living embodiment that one’s appreciation of beauty grows as a reflection of values and passion towards life. Age is just a number for a character as such. It won’t drain, but the understanding and appreciation towards the notion of beauty only widen and deepen as the years pass.

It is with such deep passion towards the beauty that Christy designed the third chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series – the Waltz of the Flowers.

This beautiful piece of the waltz was composed by Tchaikovsky with inspiration from The Nutcracker. It is lively yet delicate as if all wonderful things come abloom with it, freely and lightly.

This curtain carries the magic colour – Yellow. It is loud and bright, yet refined and elegant, bringing with it the perfect balance. Exactly like Christy’s perceptions towards the notion of beauty – simple but not mediocre. With closer inspection, you will see Christy’s bold move in using a zebra print pattern for the curtain’s tie-back. It adds a little fun to the grand atmosphere, disseminating elegance at a whole new level.

“The Waltz of the Flowers” curtain hangs in a single panel which overcomes various space constraints. The lean top and heavy bottom design keep the lines of the curtain neatly pleated on a side before hovering nicely together against the floor.

This curtain embellishes your space, sets the scene right for any ceremony that you are preparing for.

The definition of beauty has always and should continue to be manifold. While some may dwell over time, real beauty persists when you bring meaningful values to it by living life to its fullest.

With that, stay tuned to next Tuesday for the fourth unveiling of the next chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series. We would be grateful to see you then.