Following months of planning, arrays of costume designs, and materials meticulously hand-picked by Christy, the founder herself, BAAGUS proudly presents its new series – Dance with Curtain. We cordially invite you to join us on an atmospheric journey, where we discover the wonderful match of curtain and fashion through the eyes of Christy Wong – the founder and Art Director of BAAGUS.

Twelve unique sets of surprises will be unveiled every Tuesday, where Christy reveals her tremendous self-designed curtains with unique pairings and the distinctive home aesthetic value each of them brings.

The fifth chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series – [Cai Diao] invites you to witness its realm of charm and poise. With the graceful ensemble of colours and wise play of light and shadows, we celebrate the beautiful marriage of art and living.

“As designers, our ability to master colours and match them to elevate a brand’s unique style is crucial.”

Just as Christy said, colours and fashion are intertwined and closely related. The meanings that colours bring to fashion are way beyond just the ‘colours of the season tag. Different colours evoke different types of feelings. They tell stories through the lens of fashion – In a way, colours define fashion.

As the founder and Creative Director of BAAGUS, Christy understands the wonders and potential colours can bring and has been striving hard to uphold the colours of the brand itself. In an effort to set the tone and style for the brand, Christy got her hands dirty by personally doing her own extensive research and went through matching 500 types of colour styles that are unique for BAAGUS. Regardless of how they are mixed and matched, the beauty and design of the curtains consistently prevail.

Such patience and determination portrayed by an entrepreneur is truly commendable.

The fifth chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series – [Cai Diao] demonstrates Christy’s passion and deep comprehension of the use of colours. In contrast to most of the classic waltz pieces that originate from the west, this beautiful piece was created by a Chinese composer, Bao Yuan Kai. The light and lively rhythm sing aloud with the one-of-a-kind charm of the east, painting pictures of a bubbly and exotically beautiful oriental lady to its audiences.

The dark red addition on the grey lifts the tone of the curtain and adds a little liveliness just like a hint of blush on a fair cheek. Passionate red tamed by a calming grey – Such colour combination exudes elegant oriental vibes, creating a natural overlapping effect of light and dark in the space it hangs.

Attention to detail and careful control of it is crucial in the world of art. The black sine wave tieback adds a little mysterious and alluring sense to the curtain, providing what is already a gorgeous design the meticulous fine touch it didn’t know it needed.

Now let’s have a look at the model’s costume – This beautiful piece is an unexpected creation by Christy herself. After multiple adjustments and alterations, this exotic piece that embeds traditional Chinese halter top design is finally set. The final costume matches unexpectedly well with the oriental aura around the curtain, revealing the warmth and beauty of the east.

The low-cut but not over-revealing back design signifies the unique oriental lady style that is soft yet confidently beautiful. Elegantly spraying on her favorite scent at the dressing table, putting on the look she desires for the night, living life at this gentle pace as we all should.

With a graceful ensemble of colours and wise play of light and shadows, we celebrate the beautiful marriage of art and living.

Embracing one’s root of culture into daily living – This is the kind of beauty we all long for.

As usual, stay tuned to next Tuesday for the unveiling of the sixth chapter of BAAGUS Dance with Curtain series. We hope to once again see you then.