Following months of planning, arrays of costume designs, and materials meticulously hand-picked by the founder herself, BAAGUS proudly presents its new series of the generation


A series worth celebrating by the curtain and the fashion enthusiasts, derived from a diligent creation in the house of Christy Wong – the founder and Art Director of BAAGUS. An eye-opening experience awaits as we discover a new world of the atmospheric exhibition brought to life by the curtain’s act.

We will be revealing twelve sets of surprises every Tuesday that will reignite your interest. Together, let’s embark on an adventure and discover the wonders of our self-designed curtains with their unique pairings and the distinctive home aesthetics each of them brings. A new world will be discovered as your eyes behold the collision of colours, embracing the mysterious oriental charm and classic Hepburn elegance. Whether it is soothing and remedial or energetic and resilient, be prepared to be in awe.

“I want to change people’s common impression towards curtains and show the masses that curtain itself is a type of fashion.”

— Christy Wong

Being a contributor in this industry for 28 years does not slow BAAGUS’ ambition to continuously innovate and introduce pleasant features into the curtain industry. The pandemic-ridden 2021 will not be an obstacle for BAAGUS’ spark for a revolution.

The time is now for a visual feast, brought together by a collection of curtains and fashion that will redefine your notions of beauty.

“This event began with a spark of an idea. Inspirations will always come naturally.”
With her ever-present glimmering smile, the founder is about to reveal her work with the utmost confidence. As she should, the greatly anticipated unveiling of BAAGUS’ new chapter not only exhibits her novel ideas but the rewarding journey through grit and teamwork that brought about this idea to fruition.

Despite all the questions being asked regarding the practicality and the goal of this event, Christy as a headstrong leader with a strong sense of direction will always work towards achieving her end goal.

In Christy’s effort to organize this event, she has met with multiple teams, gone through meetings and discussions. She found the best idea for the curtain design and colours, even designing hundreds of outfits for the shoot. Despite the planning and preparations, things do not go as planned due to the unexpected pandemic or the misplaced needle and thread. However, with Christy’s diligence, she led her team back on course.

Thus, with high spirit, the avant-garde Waltz series, Dance with Curtain is now unveiled for the world to see.

You may wonder, what distinction does the Waltz series offer? Is it the harmonious design and the fabric of the curtain which flows like music? Or is it the expressive personalities that gather like-minded people for a dance?

As we raise the curtains for this series, BAAGUS cordially invite you to join this exquisite ball of “Human and Curtains”.

For the first chapter of our grand reveal, we welcome Chopin’s (Waltz No.1 In E Flat Major, Op.18). As graceful, elegant, and magnificent are Chopin’s waltz pieces, this curtain embeds the same abiding soul.

The russet shade matched with a delicate white sheer speaks volume of tenacious grace. Together, the suede and knitted textures complement one another and enhance the rich layering and rhythmic atmosphere of the environment in it. The floor-to-ceiling drapes amplify its elegant aura, placing you in the middle of the classic Strauss waltz ballroom, luxurious yet modest.

In BAAGUS, we believe that curtain is more than just a necessity. It is a work of art.

Are you ready for a dance?  Stay tuned every Tuesday as we reveal the next lined up surprises with BAAGUS.